Here's A Good Reminder That Alcohol Is Extremely Lethal

October 5, 2015

I've definitely had my share of bad times from getting tipsy past my tolerance level, and for the most part I've learned from my mistakes. I'm just thankful that my behavior never resulted in any tragedy.

In this case: Paula Sladewski and her boyfriend flew into South Florida to spend New Year's Eve at a Lady Gaga concert at Miami Beach's posh Fontainebleau. But instead of a safe return home, her body was found burned beyond recognition in a Miami Dumpster.

According to reports, Sladewski was last seen Sunday about 7 a.m. at Miami's Club Space. She was with her boyfriend, Kevin Klym, 34. The two got into a fight at the club, according to a missing person's report he filed. Klym told authorities he wanted to leave because she was “too drunk.'' She yelled at him and bouncers threw him out of the club.

He took a taxi to their Miami Beach hotel, and told police it was the last time he had seen her.