Hi, My Name is Ciara and I Can’t Live Without My Hair Weave!

October 5, 2015

Once again, Essence has managed to drag the truth out of yet another celebrity about her love for hair weaves.

The confession is not near as interesting as actress Joy Bryant’s, who claims she’s a weavaholic, but in this exclusive interview, singer, dancer and part time model, Ciara reveals that the one thing she can’t live without is her weave.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
“This may be very blunt, but I can’t live without hair extensions,” says Ciara.

“It’s the truth! I don’t want to wear my [real] hair all the time because I want to protect it. What would the world be like without some extra hair? It would be crazy! I need my extensions; I love the drama. I love to be able to have fun with my hair and protect it at the same time.”

So, if there was one thing you could invent, hair-wise, what would it be?
[bursts out laughing] “I’d invent hairpieces that would give you the exact style you want, any time. And it would never mess up, not even when you’re sleeping!”

Oh, so you would just wake up like, “Bam!”
“Bam, done! You could sleep in it and it wouldn’t mess up. That’s what I’d do.”