Highlights from Obama’s Runway to Change

October 5, 2015

Of course we all know Obama Tees are all over the place now and that it wouldn’t be long before the celebrities and the Luxury brands would soon come in and collect on their share of the revenue, marking their ish up past the ridiculous mark.

But none the less, with more money to put into a product, comes better quality, and I can not tell a lie, Beyonce and Tina Knowles Obama is Change creation is probably one of the best that I’ve come across thus far for a fashionista like myself (saying that with a Rick Ross tune ringing in my head).

Then we have Jay Z’s simply CHANGE (check) style which I’d like to share with a certain person in my life who made a pretty cold and negative comment a couple days ago… just to let him know that YES WE CAN and I’m ready for it now. Right Now, Right Now, Right Now (saying that with a scene from Tyler Perry’s “Family Reunion” coming to mind).

To view the whole Obama “Runway to Change” collection visit store.barackobama.com