Highway Drivers Taking Advantage of FREE GAS

October 5, 2015

(CBS) Jeffrey Washington drives the freeways of Los Angeles giving away free gas. There's a catch: You have to run out of gas on the freeway.

It happened today to one woman, who said: “Then this guy came and helped me – and it's amazing.”

She really did run out. But Washington finds more and more drivers who just claim their tank is empty, CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports.

“It happens way more than it used to,” said Washington, who works for the freeway service patrol.

When he asks them to start the car, they're busted.

“Sometimes, they smile and laugh and drive off,” Washington said. “And the majority of the time they get upset that you don't provide them free gas.”

Across the country, services that provide a gallon or so of free gas to get people safely off the highway are getting more calls than ever.

In Dallas, the courtesy patrol says calls from drivers out of gas have doubled from four to eight a day – with some drivers calling twice.