HILARIOUS: Boy 5 and Girl 7 Argue Over Getting Married

May 14, 2013

Like Jennifer Hudson singing Jennifer Holliday's “And I Am Telling You” to Jamie Fox in the movie “Dream Girl,” two children are shown having a heated discussion on whether or not they will marry one another.

Girl: I'm going to marry you. — Boy: NO — Girl: Yes! Yes! Yes!, However, when she realizes the boy is serious when he literally cries NO, the girl goes off.

'Fine! WHEN YOU ASK FOR SOME CANDY AT MY HOUSE… I'M GONNA SAY NO!' she yells. 'You cant yell at me cause you're not the boss,' he tells her. When he turns away from the girl, she demands his attention. 'LOOK AT ME,' she commands. But she is still ignored. 'Fine. I'm still going to marry you. You're going to marry me.' — — You're Gonna Love Me!