Couture Looks for Tall Women by Model Atelier

October 22, 2015

There’s nothing like trying on an item you really like and it just doesn’t fit weather small, medium, or large. In some cases, it’s just not the right material to flatter your figure. In other cases, it’s either too long, or too darn short.


Like many others, model Robin Harris was tired of walking out the stores empty handed simply because of her height. She decided to start her own clothing line to cater to tall women, and it was then Model Atelier was born.

“I decided to create a fashion line with some basic pieces that were the appropriate length for women 5’8 and taller,” she said. “I called it Model Atelier, and it was a hit!”

Her overall message:


“I want women to know that you should own your height. You can wear what the average girl wears and still look beautiful. Embrace every part of yourself.”

For more of Robin Harris’ collection, visit: Model Atelier @