HOT MESS: Kanye West's Puppet Show Preview

February 25, 2012

Rapper Kanye West is developing a new puppet show project for Comedy Central. A 30-minute pilot for “Alligator Boots” has already been shot. West has teamed up with comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla's Jackhole Productions for the project, which has been described as hip-hop meets the Muppets.

West and fellow executive producer Rhymefest will serve as musical directors on the show, which is scheduled to debut in 2009.

According to Billboard.com, West hosts the pilot. Like The Muppet Show, the idea is to have a different celebrity guest host for every episode.


OK, so I just have one question: Who the hell is suppose to tune in and watch this mess? I can only image the audience being mildly retarded.