HOT: Ryan Leslie's “Diamond Girl” (The Movie)

June 18, 2008

Ryan Leslie decided to make a short movie for his hit single “Diamond Girl”.  The movie is available only on youtube and in my own opinion it's not bad at all.

Ryan says that the reason he made the short film is because it was something that had been heavily on his mind and it would have haunted him if he hadn't made it happen.  He also says that, “This is evidence that if you have an idea, you should see it through, even if it means assembling a team that includes a film student from another country… Give it all you've got and learn from the experience. That's what I've done here. Most of all, don't let anyone limit you by telling what you are and are not capable of doing. Just do what you believe in and believe in what you do. Remember it's entertainment so people will (and are entitled to) have their opinions. Despite their feedback, be creative and continue to grow.”