How Much Would You Pay for A Pair of Fake Designer Shoes?

October 5, 2015

It’s no secret that women are in love with shoes; so much that some even go as far as having a procedure called “Cinderella” just to be able to fit into a decent pair of sexy high heels.

According to NDP Group, a consumer research firm, online shoe sales generated just under $1 billion in sales through September 2009.

Yes, despite the recession, online sales of designer shoes were up by 25% and business is booming.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the price tags that come along with owning a pair of top designer shoes such as the very popular Christian Louboutin and others. This is where the deeply discounted copy cats come in. I would be willing to bet anything this is also where much of the money from the millions of dollars being spent on shoes is going.

ABC’s “20/20” went bargain hunting online for high-fashion Christian Louboutins only to learn that more than half of the sites they purchased from were selling fakes, despite the sites claims that they were authentic.

From my own research, shown below are a pair of “Fabulous Fake” Versace and Gianmarco Lorenzi Spring 2010. Yes, the devil is calling on all shoe lovers.

While most people know when they’re buying counterfeit shoes, a lot of people don’t and believe they’re simply getting a good deal when prices are slashed. So, for that reason, good information can be found in 20/20’s investigation. But the bigger question for the people who do know when they’re buying copy cats is: How much would you actually be willing to pay (if anything at all) for a pair of fake shoes?