How To Use Natural Herbs To Lighten Eyebrows

October 5, 2015

Model: Jourdan Dunn
Fall 2009 – Geambattista Valli

Before lightening your eyebrows using any bleaching type method, it's only fair that you should know that the FDA has issued past warnings on eyebrow bleach. However, many beauty experts believe that eyebrow bleach is a relatively safe beauty treatment, and that the worst that might happen is a mild irritation if peroxide in the dye happens to enter your eyes. It is strongly recommended to have your eyebrows done professionally or even better use natural ingredients to play it safe.

There are natural herbs that can be used to lighten your eyebrows in a gradual manner over a few weeks of application. Many lightening products are widely available on the market and are usually based on 1) ORGANIC CHAMOMILE, which has natural hair color lightening properties, 2) MARIGOLD and 3) FRESH LEMON JUICE for added boost. These natural substances can bring out your highlight and add more life to that old, and dull brow hair.

To achieve a certain look once the eyebrows have been lightened, brow gels can be used to enhanced color.

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