I Beweave Hair Salon Goes All Out With Ghetto Commercial

October 5, 2015

People are coming up with all kinds of creative ways to make money these days, but this right here tops the charts.

The following is a promotional video for “I Beweave Hair Salon,” allegedly located in Cooter County. The character is played by a comedian who goes by the name of Laura Bell Bundy a.k.a. Sho-can-telle (for the sake of this commercial).

After visiting the website and calling the number listed above, I can tell you — the voice message is equally as ghetto and ridiculous as the commercial.

On the site, they promise you an affordable new weave, and offer a variety of services.

“We specialize in many different servixes that’d be good for you! What we do is: Cut, Colorin, Curlz Styles, Wraps and Xtensions Braids and Beads Head Massage , Homosexual Hair-doos Featuring: The Sampson Shampooin’ and I Beweave HairsPRAY SPECIAL OFFER For a limited time only get our FREE COMB!!! Ask for Shocantelle Brown. Say goodbye to tension with a head massage and new extensions!!! Praise.”

The Commercial

NOTE: Whatever you do, don’t press 1 on your touch-tone phone if you decide to call the listed phone number; that is unless you want to become a part of the Laura Bell Bundy Mob and start receiving text messages. I wouldn’t be surprised if that comes with a cost.