In Case You Missed It: Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Victor Ortiz

October 5, 2015

LAS VEGAS — In one of the most stunning finishes in years, Floyd Mayweather knocked Victor Ortiz out right near the end of the fourth round with a left, then a right hand while Ortiz is said to be apologizing to him after an intentional head butt.

Wait, but what really happened? From the looks of things, Ortiz definitely wasn't ready, and it almost looks as if he just let Mayweather knock him out.

Ortiz tried to explain how the scene played out by saying:

“I took the break by the ref and I obeyed exactly as I was told, then boom! he blind-sided me,” said Ortiz. “I'm not a dirty fighter and I apologized for the head butt. You can look at this two ways. I came to entertain the fans, and I think they were entertained.”

“There was a miscommunication by the ref, and neither he nor I or anyone is perfect. This is a learning experience.”

Mayweather's response to the KO was that, “You just have to protect yourselves at all times in the ring….”

What are your thoughts? Was this a real KO or was it staged?