In Case You Missed It: Nightline “Single Black Women” Face-Off

October 5, 2015

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the topic on why a successful black woman can't find a man is pretty biased and has actually been covered here on the site, but this is the actual Face-Off that we've all been waiting for.

Let me just first say, I'm not mad at this ABC “Nightline” debate at all, because the reality is that there ARE many single black women. However, the focus on why a “successful black woman” can't find a man, is a really bad focus, when the focus should be on realistic standards and expectations in a relationship between a man and a woman.

After watching the debate, I also don't have a problem with keeping the discussion amongst ourselves, because it makes it easier to relate to.

For any single black woman out there, this discussion makes for good entertainment television, as well as good dating and relationship advice if nothing else. We don't always necessarily have to agree with everything, but so many times we as women try to find wrong in what's being done or what's being said instead of just listening and trying to find something good out of it to apply towards our own life situations.

Part I: “My Standards Are Not Too High”

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