In Sickness and In Health: Animal Jewelry (Dead and Alive)

October 5, 2015

Wow… PETA is sure to be busy going batty over all the wild beasts and bugs being used both dead and alive for the sake of the people's passion for fashion.

First, we have all the luxurious furs being worn before and all during fashion week. Then we have a U.S. woman trying to cross the border with a LIVE beetle encrusted with jewels attached to her jacket. YES. According to the Daily Mail, a U.S. customs officers stopped a woman on her way into the country because she was wearing a jewel-encrusted beetle as a brooch – and it was alive.

Now, if wearing creepy crawlers across your chest is not enough to turn your stomach, try ROADKILL, and by that I mean dead rats and pigeons for hair and other accessories designed by Reid Peppard.

Peppard, who claims to be a vegetarian, uses animals that are “victims of roadkill, pest control, or natural death,” with the occasional use of a feeder rat, and makes it seem as if her designs don't fall into the category of murder for the people's passion for fashion.

As far as it making people sick, “If you don't like it, then just look away,” Peppard offers to those who are offended by her “Vermin Collection.” “So many people are unwilling to look inwards. They are unable to see beyond what they want to see.”

I choose to look away, so if you're interested in checking out this unusual collection you can visit Peppard's website at