In The Name Of Love? Women Who Enjoy Getting A Good A** Whooping

October 5, 2015

It's one thing trying to determine why some women stay in abusive relationships, but it's another trying to understand how many of them may have put themselves in a bad situation.

Last night, singer Chris Brown apparently touched a lot of hearts at the Grammy awards, with his good looks and personal swag (as many would call it). Aware of Brown's past violent behavior, several females took to Twitter and claimed they would gladly accept an a** whooping just to be with him. See what they had to say below.

Of course, not all abusive relationships begin with a woman's acceptance. The above are clearly the type of women who love men more than they love themselves. They are willing to overlook the signs telling them when a situation is not good. When more women start loving themselves more than they love a man, or the idea of just having one, they will live to learn that the abuse they sometimes encounter could be, or could have been avoided before it ever occurred.