Introducing Hair Lyke That with Master Stylist John Gooden

January 2, 2012

As a stylist, one of the most important things besides having your own creative imagination, is to stay on top of current trends.  Attending hair and fashion shows is one great way.  Attending instructional classes and observing how to videos is another.

One thing for certain, trends repeat themselves – so no matter how old a hairstyle may seem, IT WILL eventually resurface.  It's only to your advantage to learn all the basics to prepare yourself ahead of time to create your best and most impressive when the time comes.

Getting To The Money: IQ Producers has put together a dvd series called “Hair Lyke That” which showcases over 20 years of Detroit's hottest hair shows with top hair stylists that set the stage in innovative hairstyles that make Detroit “The hair capital of the world.”

The following is a clip that introduces master stylist John Gooden. The clip gives you a nice sample of what you can expect if you were to order the complete series that is said to be not only a mere hair show, but rather hair history in action.