‘rie Shontel: My Oh My Who Am I…

October 25, 2015

Mixed-media artist, and multi-award winning national journalist, ‘rie Shontel brings it to us with “My Hair,” a poem that pays homage to her afro and the belief that wearing natural hair makes you naturally beautiful.

“Who am I,” she asked. And as I began to listen to her flow I knew right then she must be “somebody,” but who? “Who am I… Who am I… Who do I be?,” she continued… introducing herself in such a unique way, that by the end, I realized she knows exactly who she is, and now, so do I… and while her hair represents her heritage and who she is, she is much more than just her hair.

Besides being an inspiring poet, ‘rie Shontel aka Anita Woodley — an East Oakland native who earned her B.A. in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University, is also a producer for North Carolina Public Radio’s “The Story.” Woodley, has received as number of awards including a Harry Chapin Radio Media Award, several National Association of Black Journalists Salute to Excellence Awards, and an Emmy with CNN.