Is Facebook and Other Social Networks Ruining Relationships?

October 5, 2015

Social networks interfering with relationships has been a question for quite some time. With recent studies showing and individual complaints saying, yes, they have interfered; it's almost a fact, yes, they do.

One New Jersey Reverend has decided to take action by asking his church members to delete their Facebook accounts after counseling more than 20 couples that claim the network ruined their marriage. The reverend has even gone so far as to make an addition to the commandment: “Thou shalt not commit adultery… AND thou also shalt not use Facebook.”

To be honest, one would have to question why a person who is in a committed relationship and have no business to promote is on social networking sites everyday; sometimes all day. In my opinion it's just not a good look, and in the reverends defense, if a corporate job can block access to social networks and possibly not hire you, or even worse, fire you if they find out that you've posted photos or information that they don't approve of, the reverend has the right to ask his congregation to either be open with their significant others about their usage or discontinue using the service completely. *shrugs*