IS THIS NECESSARY? Segregated Job Site for Minorities

October 5, 2015, an online career center launched recently by Lee Moss Media, lists thousands of full-time and part-time available positions. The positions vary in industry, and are open to both college graduates and non-college professionals with 3+ years of experience. Although open to the public, the positions are specifically being marketed for minority candidates to fill.

CNN recently recommended as a great tool and resource for African Americans looking to be employed. The site allows jobseekers to easily find well-paying jobs from reputable companies and organizations, and also features paid and non-paid internship opportunities for students. At no cost, users can immediately create a profile, upload their resume, and start searching for jobs.

Companies that are posting jobs on the site include: Time Warner, Novartis, Best Buy, Kelloggs, OfficeMax, T-Mobile, State Farm, Deloitte, Phillip Morris USA, McGraw Hill, and many others. The site also features daily news, tips and strategies on how to build one's career.

In a way I can see what they're trying to do here since THERE ARE plenty of jobs that like to hire minorities, but something about the whole segregating minorities from everyone else in the job market bothers me.  It's almost like being limited as to where you can work or what you can do in a sense (at-least that's the type of bad feeling it sets off).  It's one thing having and sharing cultural interests and differences, but it's another when those differences resort to taking you away from actual society as a whole.

I don't know, I'm just not really feeling it, but either way IT IS another resource available for people (black people) looking for jobs.  Is it not strange that our race is the only race in the double digits right now for unemployment?