J. Hudson Uses “The Power of Prayer” To Stay Grounded

October 5, 2015

During the hard economic times that we're currently experiencing, I believe we all can benefit from the power of prayer. and “If You Believe, You Can Achieve.”

Despite the tragic death of her mother, brother and nephew last October, Jennifer Hudson says she's “thanking God for every single blessing” as she begins her first tour.

“I'm so grateful,” she tells Jet magazine. “My first Grammy and my first tour. It doesn't get any better than this.”

When asked how she gets through the tough times, Hudson, 27, says, “praying every morning and thanking God for every single blessing keeps me grounded and motivated to be the very best that I can be in everything that I do.”

Hudson told Oprah Winfrey in February that performing “is like therapy.”

“I'm good. I'm really good,” she continued. “Glad to be back to working and doing what I love to do. I'm in a very good place.”

After winning the Grammy last month for Best R&B Album, Hudson thanked her “family in heaven.”

Hudson's tour with Robin Thicke — who wrote “Giving Myself” on her self-titled record — kicks off March 14 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Jennifer is someone that I've always loved and admired, so when the opportunity for us to do this together came about, it was a no-brainer,” Thicke says of Hudson.