Jada Pinkett-Smith Admits to Sending Hubby Sexy Pics

October 5, 2015

Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith along with their children appeared on the Oprah show today to talk family life.

Since we all know how much Jada enjoys sharing secrets when it comes to her love life with Will, when Oprah demanded to know what the couple does to keep the flame burning as hot as it seems to be, it's no surprise that Jada responded, “Now how saucy do you want to get Oprah?” Unfortunately for Oprah, “Hey, Hey… we got kids in the green room,” Will interupted.

Jada did however admit that she always surprises him. One way is by sending him sexy pics just to remind him of what he has waiting at home. She also said that if he's on the set of “Hawthorne” with her, they might take a little break.

The couple were high fashion as usual, with Jada wearing a pair of Fendi Ballet Wrap Sandals and Will wearing a trendy pair of Jazz shoes.