JCPenney To Begin First Phase of Credit/Debit Only Self-Check Out Services

October 5, 2015

What is really going on, that nobody wants cash anymore? California bridges are going automated by year's end, and now there's news that retail giant JCPenney, only one of many retail chains, that are doing away with cash registers. Not only are these moves taking away jobs from many people and adding to the long list of unemployed, it's also turning the way things are done into a world of nothing but high tech, debit and/or credit.

For JCPenney, the plan to do away with cash-registers will require customers to master self-checkout kiosks or find employees with mobile credit card readers. The idea sounds more frustrating than it does mind-free and therapeutic.

According to reports, Penney’s latest endeavor will include giving employees credit card readers that can attach to iPads or other mobile devices while they walk the store asking YOU if you're ready to purchase items in your possession. Beginning next week, employees will have their first go around in the Levi’s sections of about 700 locations worldwide.