Journey to Longer Healthy African American Hair

October 5, 2015


1) Have an experienced hair care professional or stylist trim your split ends. Trimming your ends helps to keep your hair growing healthy and will prevent unnecessary shedding. Trimming also helps to tame your hair for natural flowing hairstyles.

2) Wash hair as needed depending on your hair type and health. This could be every three days with products that do not contain alcohol or harsh sulfates and are pH balanced. Do not over-wash (once is usually enough), as over washing can cause a dry condition, which will ultimately lead to breakage. While washing, massage your scalp. This will reawaken sleeping follicles and promote thicker healthier hair.

3) DO NOT NEGLECT CONDITIONING YOUR HAIR. African American hair that is not conditioned often is dull, brittle, and damaged. To help grow and maintain longer, healthy hair use a deep moisturizing conditioner after every wash.

4) If your hair is in a dry state, use a daily moisturizer or leave-in conditioner. Experiment with different products to find what works best for you.