Junk Prints! One of A Kind Soulful Accessories

October 5, 2015

Young, black and talented, CHANEL KENNEBREW and her Junk Prints

I came across Chanel’s designs and thought they were pretty interested and one of a kind.
The “Grown Folk Bag” definitely caught my attention and for $250 the girl not playing!

One thing that I always associate with being a grown lady was a fancy leather bag with lots of hardware. I don’t normally work in leather well, because I’m tryna be a good vegetarian, but I figured that because this is up-clycled leather from a vintage coat then it’s okay and I made this awesome shiny grown folk bag. It’s filly lined with copper and gold lame and has chains for days and an adjustable snap strap. I’ve also silk screened a new print I’m working on onto the front of the bag…yeah it’s fancy pantsy and for grown folk.
A few years ago a pal of mine went around asking people what they were doing in honor of black history month. The strange thing is that most folks felt that they were obliged to have a ‘Black history month agenda’ Many schools will put up pictures and icons of things we can all agree were ‘essential to the struggle’ such as MLK posters (not Marcus Garvey posters). It’s very odd to me…funny thing is that I have decided to do something for black history month, I present to you the colored Fountain tee.
The image on this tank is an ode to these wonderful women of soul music. the big face is Diana Ross, It also has Betty Davis, Billie Holiday, Orchids, new illustrations of mine, a reel to reel speakers and all the love and honor one could smush into a shirt.

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