Kama Sutra Announces Hottest Celebrity Couple ’08

October 5, 2015

The Kama Sutra Company, a leading manufacturer of romance and intimacy products today announced the results of its second annual “Hottest Celebrity Couple of the Year” contest. The contest held throughout January and hosted via Kama Sutra’s web site, invited viewers to cast votes for their favorite couples from 2008. Couples were segmented into 6 categories such as ‘hottest romance’ and ‘hottest parents’, with new categories added this year ‘hottest sports couple’ and ‘hottest funny couple’. An overall winning couple was then calculated from the total number of votes.

Hottest ‘Overall’ and ‘Long Lasting Couple’

This year’s winning couple: Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith winning both ‘Hottest Long Lasting Couple’ and ‘Hottest Overall’ with the most votes in all categories combined.

This doesn’t come to a surprise to me at all. Will and Jada are definitely HOT

Kama Sutra is a leading manufacturer of a full line of romance and intimacy products and is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year. Founded in 1969, the company started its mission at a time when the world was being torn apart by conflict over the Vietnam War. Determined to ‘Make love, not War’, the company introduced its products with the tag line “Making Love Better.(TM)”.

While the inspiration for the company’s name came from the 4th-century Indian text on lovemaking – ‘The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana’ – their purpose was thoroughly modern. Their very first product, Kama Sutra’s Original Oil of Love, was created to bring people closer and to help heal the wounds that were tearing our world apart. Since that time, they have carefully expanded their original idea to bring an entire group of complementary products into a world that needs them now as much as ever. As their products have become more numerous, their purpose has become more focused: to help loving couples create joyful experiences of intimacy and tenderness. Through such intimacy, physically and emotionally healthier human beings emerge, who in turn become more able to give love to the world. This philosophy is what gave birth to the company mantra: Making love Better™.

Today the products are available in over seventy countries and sold at leading stores such as Spencer Gifts, Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods and at boutique and specialty stores.

With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, the full line of products and 8 Ways To Say, “I Love You.” can be found @ kamasutra.com