Kelly Rowland’s Weight Loss Secret and Desire for Darker Skin

October 5, 2015

It’s rare that you hear about a chocolate sista feeling the need or even the urge to become darker than what she already is, but Kelly Rowland is different.

Kelly hit up the beach in Miami, FL over the weekend and took to her twitter page with this to say:

It’s SO HOT out in Miami today…. I want a tan… (Don’t judge me!!!)… I’ll be more chocolate.’

Kelly has always been a relatively thin chic, so it may or may not be easy to tell that she shed 10 lbs.

According to the Daily Mail, Rowland’s 10 lb. weight loss and healthy new lifestyle is credited to Jeanette Jenkins Butt and Thigh Blast fitness DVD and British TV diet expert Gillian McKeith.

‘I’m telling you, I’m not eating sugar. I didn’t even try to lose weight.

‘I read this book, called You Are What You Eat. The author [McKeith] is talking about sugar, she’s talking about meat, she’s talking about cheese.

I did some of those things for a month, but for the most part, it is just sugar that is gone from my diet,’ said Kelly