KFC Chicken Head Abduction + All New KFC Marijuana Clinic

October 5, 2015

As of late, hair pulling has been a popular method of choice for violent men who choose to drag on their women.  In a serious case, it was reported that a guy pulled his girlfriends hair so hard dragging her throughout the house until she temporarily passed out.

In this case, police arrested a man they said dragged a woman out of a KFC restaurant by the hair.  Witnesses said the woman ran into the KFC on Mason Avenue in Daytona Beach screaming Monday night. They said Brandon Willis went in after her, pulled her out by her hair, threw her in a car and took off.

Police used fingerprint identification at the scene to find Willis.  He faces charges of domestic battery and false imprisonment.  Police said the woman is not cooperating.

I know it's probably not nice to call people chicken heads and chicken head bandits, but that's the only thing came to mind, besides ingrate, when I read this story.  What would make you want to run into a KFC looking crazy and screaming – then when they come to your rescue you don't have nothing to say?

In other news, it may look like KFC and feel like KFC, but the smell is of pure refer.

Rather than tearing the whole thing down and starting from scratch, the proud owners of this alternative KFC (Kind For Cures) marijuana dispensary decided to incorporate the design of the previous tenants. They have removed the official Kentucky Fried Chicken logo, but the rest of the building remains mostly intact.