Kids Found Under Highway After Landlord Puts 'Em Out for Being Black

October 5, 2015

In a bizarre case of housing discrimination, a single black mother and her three minor children moved into a single family home located in Florida, and two days later was kicked to the curb for being African American.

During a HUD (Housing and Urban Development) investigation, it was discovered, the landlord refused to accept their rent payment, ordered the children out of the house while their mother was at work, and changed the locks on the house. The children were later found by a relative about a quarter of a mile from the house, under a highway underpass.

When the mother contacted the local police to report the incident and regain access to the house, the landlord allegedly said, “I can’t believe you [‘n-word’]s called the police on me. You [‘n-word]s make me sick. I just want you [‘n-word’]s out of my house.”

The house was soon after rented to another tenant.