Kim Kardashian Who Dat On Your Nails? Bush (That’s Who!)

October 5, 2015

Kim Kardashian and the Saints cheerleaders after the Super Bowl on February 7, 2010.

There’s no doubt that Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints are getting their shine on after beating the Indianapolis Colts at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami this weekend, but ‘who dat’ even more excited is Reggie’s girlfriend (soon to be wife?), Kim Kardashian.

Yesterday after the win, a very happy Kim K. tweeted her love and support for Reggie with a twit pic of her minx nails.

“Check out my gold Minx nails! They spell BUSH w a #25 on my thumbs!…. It was such a surreal feeling. I mean, this is the moment that Reggie’s been waiting for his entire life, and it was just so cool to be there and be in the middle of it and run on the field!…. Who dat there gonna beat them Saints!!!! We won the SUPERBOWL!!!!!!”

Is it just me or is Kim looking a little like Amy Whinehouse giving Reggie a big congratulations kiss?