Kris Humphries Sees Big Dollar Signs and Loves The Kardashian Attention

October 5, 2015

Newly wed Kris Humphries could care less about privacy when it comes to him and his new wife, Kim Kardashian. According to sources close to him, “Kris loves the attention and says it’s a ‘rush’ he gets, unlike what he gets from sports fans. But more importantly, he sees big dollar signs,” said the source. "Kris loved, loved, loved all the money he and Kim are making from this wedding.”

“My God! Most people would have paid a couple of million bucks — of their own money — to pull off an extravaganza like that wedding in Montecito [Calif., the site of the exclusive mansion where the couple were married Saturday]. Kris and Kim actually are going to make several million bucks — thanks to all the freebies, sale of photos and TV payments they’ll get from this wedding,” which is reported to be around $17.9 million or more.