LA Pastor Facing Jail for Preaching the Marijuana Gospel

October 5, 2015

Craig Rubin, the pastor of a marijuana ministry named “Temple 420” in West Los Angeles, is facing jail time for preaching the benefits of marijuana to his followers; a practice he claims is acceptable by God.

“Marijuana is specifically mentioned in the Book of Exodus in a holy anointing oil. It's called 'cannabossum,'” said Rubin.

You could say he practices what he preaches. When asked if he smoked cannabis, Rubin said, “Yes, I do smoke.” The last time he lit up? “Ten minutes ago.”

“I want to reach out to people who do smoke pot and let them know that god still loves them, and they're welcome to come to church, and that it isn't a sin to smoke pot,” said Rubin.

During Rubin's court appearance, one of his supporters could be seen smoking a marijuana cigarette right outside the courthouse.