Ladies On The View Joke About The Surge In Weave Thieves Across The Country

October 5, 2015

Hair weave bandits continue to make headlines for smashing and grabbing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of expensive human hair extensions from beauty supply stores and salons across the country.

Ladies on the view jokingly warn to beware; you could be next.

While taking on the title of “hair bandits,” and “weave thieves” may all sound funny, not everyone is finding the humor in it.

Angie's Beauty Supply in Atlanta is the latest victim of hair weave smash-and-grab robberies, and frustrated business owners, as well as consumers, wish it all would just stop.

Sheila Carroll who is a regular customer at Angie’s Beauty Supply worries that the burglaries will cause the entire community to suffer.

“I’m raising girls, so we’re always in the beauty supply store,” she said.

“These smash and grab thieves, they’re harming their mothers… their families… because everyone uses beauty supply,” Carroll said. “And for them to do this, it hurts the whole community. It causes them to go up on their prices [and] for [Asian store owners] to be even more leery [of black people].”