Leaked Rihanna Photo May Be Free Ticket Out for Brown

October 5, 2015

TheMediaBuffet.com is reporting that the celebrity website TMZ paid $62,500 for the picture of Rihanna, citing a TMZ.com insider. The price is double the yearly salary of the law enforcement official who leaked the photo.

“The most unfortunate aspect of the entire incident is not only the total disrespect for the victim, Rihanna, but the legal ramifications related to jury pool pollution the public revelation of this photo obviously has on the possible upcoming criminal case against alleged attacker, Chris Brown. “Brown, even if guilty, could walk free because of the unauthorized release of this photo,” says an LAPD source. Insiders say LAPD brass is furious, subpeonas have already gone out.”

“At this stage, it is reasonable to believe this is the type of photo taken in a police department domestic violence investigation,” said Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger. “We are obligated to protect the victims of domestic violence. The investigation will determine who had access and who was present that day during the process. We will leave no stone unturned to identify who did this or to refute that this was a photo from the Police Department.”

In similar comments Friday, Police Chief William J. Bratton said it would be “an embarrassment to this department” if an employee was responsible for the leak. He said any officer or department employee who is found to have leaked the photo will face discipline, including possible termination. Source

In addition, it is also being said that advertisers of the popular TMZ website are pulling out due to the controversy.

This mess is surely getting uglier and uglier by the minute and every hour of the day there's something new. If you ask me from the sounds of this particular story they are ALL working together somehow (everybody). I mean seriously, how is all this information coming up out the woodworks like this and finding it's way to the internet for the public to go crazy about?

It could be that money making opportunities during a global recession is bringing out DEVIL HORNS? (man… you never know who will sell you out for the right price).

On the other hand, throwing people off in different directions to save the reputation of a falling celebrity (Chris Brown) is something else to consider as the cause of all this prematurity. After all, he does have crisis management working overtime on his behalf.  I'm just saying…

The question is, what's next?