Legendary Muhammad Ali Speaks on The Importance of Wealth

October 5, 2015

The legendary heavy weight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali, has always been known for having a mouth louder than a lion. He brought his A game to the Parkinson show in 1974, and gave an intense interview worth taking notes from. Some of the things Ali talked about were the importance of wealth, and why you should always make people believe they need you, rather than the other way around. A couple highlights are shown below.

People don't respect you when you look like you don't have no money…

Ali pointed out the difference between showing materialism vs. being humble in your approach.

Go to a church, any kind of church, and put gold seats in it. Put diamond carved stickers on the wall. Put carpet in that church, and watch how many followers you'll have in your church. Let another man preach a better word of God, let him have a little house with a store front, and he won't hardly have no followers...”

If you listen to Ali's message and place it in any part of life, weather it's having a relationship, running a business, posting on Facebook, or basic blogging, you'll almost certainly find it to be so very true. (source: mcarewards.biz)

Watch the video below for more words from the wise.