Let’s Back Up: Carol’s Daughter vs. CeXpress

October 5, 2015


First, I have to say I’m somewhat of a fan of Carol’s Daughter products, and I have to admit I’ve never heard of Carol’s Express until this post.

Also, I may be a little late but I’m just now learning Carol’s Express is fighting a court battle with Carol’s Daughter. Over what exactly? I’m not sure. But I do have a few questions, especially since Carol’s Daughter is largely recognized for how she got her start in the kitchen.

Did Carol’s Daughter swagger jack on Carol’s Express products and take all the credit for herself? Is it true Carol’s Daughter and her story about her products being made in the kitchen is a big fat lie?

In a recent press release, Donyale Bush of Carol’s Express, LLC. says, “It’s important that consumers know where Carol’s Daughter is really made, what the relevant facts are and that the whole home spun story is nothing more than marketing spin,”

The defense against the complaint filed by Carol’s Daughter substantiates the high quality of Carol’s Express and ceXpress brands. Carol’s Daughter and the Carol’s Express brand were made in the same warehouses at the time the suit was filed. Neither brand was made in the kitchen as of the filing date of the suit.

Donyale Bush, founder of Carol’s Express, commented, “This is a desperate attempt to continue to exploit consumers for anywhere from $20-$45 per product, when we provide a high quality product in ceXpress at half the price. We provide the consumer with a nature-based product at a sexy value. We know this will make our customer base, which we know to be savvy customers scrutinizing every dollar in this economy, happy.”

About Carol’s Express

Carol’s Express, makers of ceXpress, consists of beauty care products designed for the African-American woman, including products for hair, skin, and hands with a new line of fragrances coming this fall hand picked exclusively by the women of Carol’s Express. The revolutionary ceXpress Soy Straightening System helps consumers retain more of their natural hair texture. Respect, Culture, Crown, Value, Family and Love are words that resonate with ceXpress Products. More information on ceXpress can be found at ceXpressproducts.com