Let's Talk About Pep Reality TV Show: Discussion and Preview

March 9, 2014

Putting aside the fact that black women have recently been put on blast with a short documentary done with ABC News that questions why so many black women are single. A new reality tv show is on the air, and everyone seems to like it.

“Let's Talk About Pep” follows Pepa, of Salt-N-Pepa, a single “black woman” looking for love on her new Vh1 reality show. She's joined by TV journalist Jacque Reid, voice over artist Kali 'Kittie' Troy and Joumana Kidd, model and ex-wife of NBA star Jason Kidd.

On a side note: From some of the things I've personally heard about Jason Kidd being a dead beat dad to his son Jason Kidd, Jr. which he had outside his marriage, it's good to know that his wife has finally moved on.