Let’s Talk About Stress Relief For The Mind Body And Soul

October 5, 2015

I’m sure everyone can relate to stress from their own past or present situations that may have caused a great deal of pain and a whole lot of unnecessary problems. We may have even realized that it sometimes takes more than one experience to learn why some things are just not worth it.

At some point we wake up and see that the mind is a terrible thing to waste on something or even someone who doesn’t contribute to our happiness and well being.

Stress has become a worldwide phenomenon, an epidemic of sorts. Stress leads to other ailments, such as mood disturbances, disturbed sleep, headaches, and indigestion, among others (hair loss, unhealthy weight loss, acne breakouts, etc.), and can very well lead to damaged relationships (trust me I know).

People find many different ways to relieve the stress in their lives. Some find physical activities to be great stress busters, while others indulge in mental activities to gain relief from stress.

AROMATHERAPY, which is the use of aromatic substances as well as essential oils, is a great way to relieve the stress in our lives, whether work related, or otherwise. The essential oils – which are the extracts of the aromatic plants – have the ability to provide positive benefits immediately by relieving stress. The stress in you has a direct relation with the emotional element in you. It is, therefore, essential that the essential oils you select has a positive effect on you.

Depending on the aromatic oil you choose, it can have various beneficial effects, such as mood changes, increased concentration, and stimulation of your creative juices. Today’s work environment is totally air conditioned, and you may feel stuffy and have a ‘closed-in’ feeling, leading to increased stress levels. The essential oils from Lavender, Lemon, and Rosemary are known to perk you up in no time. Chamomile, Lavender or Sandalwood essential oils are known as great aromatic treatment to provide relief from various kinds of stress and work place tensions.

Carol’s Daughter Ocean, a glorious collection of bath, shower, body, and fragrance products for example are filled with Lavender and rosemary essential oils with hyacinth, watermelon, and cucumber to create a romantic, unisex scent for pure relaxation and stress relief..


Lavender essential oils are known to lessen errors on the computer by as much as 25 percent!
(I find this both quite amusing as well as interesting.) Imagine being so stressed out that you find yourself making a bunch of typing errors on the computer! No one would know it but you, and now you also know that all it takes is a little time out and some lavender oil to help correct some of those mistakes.

Different essential oils have different stress relieving abilities. Let’s take a look at a few other essential oils and their properties:

• Eucalyptus – The essential oils extracted from the leaves and twigs of the eucalyptus tree provide relief from confusion and restlessness. It regenerates your being and enhances your vitality, among other things.

• Cinnamon – The essential oil from the cinnamon tree bark is great for providing relief from stress and fatigue.

• Lemon Grass – The oil from the lemon grass improves your concentration, and reduces panic and stress.

• Rosemary – This essential oil is extracted from the flowers of the rosemary herb, and enhances your energy, along with providing increased clarity and concentration. It provides relief from stress, strain, fatigue and lethargy, etc.

• Orange – Extracted from the peel of the orange, this pale yellow essential oil helps relieve anxiety, stress, and burn out.

• Basil – Extracted from the leaves of the herb, the essential oil is pale yellow and helps fight the feeling of negativity, mental fatigue, and burn out, among other things. It also enhances enthusiasm and clarity.

• Cedarwood – Extracted from the cedar tree wood, this essential oil is great when used to fight mental strain, anxiety and worry.

• Lavender – It has been in use for aromatherapy by the ancient cultures, and is the most versatile of all the essential oils. This oil is very beneficial in all kinds of stresses, and helps reduce depression, anxiety, and fatigue. It rejuvenates you and provides relaxation. We also learned earlier that is helps with typo’s.

With all that said, if we can think of how Keyshia Cole sings her song so beautifully, we MUST all DO our part as well and just “Let It Go.”

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