Light Skin vs. Dark Skin Controversy for The Month of February

October 5, 2015

The whole light skin vs. dark skin controversy is never ending just like so many other topics pertaining to black women. It's to the point where even when trying to joke about it, one can't really find any humor in it. The only thing that really stands out as being funny is when Kanye West said in one of his songs that all his women, both light and dark looked like Michael Jackson.

However, even Kanye's feelings are irrelevant when it comes to how sensitive many black women are on the subject of light skin vs. dark skin, particularly when people insinuate that light skin is prettier. Joy Daily discusses some of these issues using rapper Wales new video “Pretty Girls” which only features Spanish, mixed and light skinned girls as an example.

A while back David Banner made a wild and crazy statement about black women not loving themselves because they perm their hair. He later said that he made the statement purposely to make a point because he knew that it would make black women angry and start a heated viral discussion. Today, the saga continues with black women letting people deliberately get under their skin.

Just the other day comedian Kevin Hart made a comment on his twitter page about light skin women having better credit than dark skin women. Of course dark skin women were offended by it despite the fact that the comment Hart made held absolutely no truth to it. I say comment because it was laughable in a yeah okay whatever kind of way, but as a joke it just wasn't funny.

After Kevin shouted out blogger for posting his comment, basically telling her that she blogs without knowing the whole truth, he goes further by posting comments on blog site thanking everyone for the much needed attention he apparently was seeking.

  1. posted by KeviHart

    Fri, February 19, 2010 3:16 PM

    2 all of you people that are helping make this a topic, I JUST WANT 2 SAY THANK YOU!!!! Who knew that joking around on twitter could cause such a media stir, Find something else 2 talk about and stop trying to force news!!!! It was a trending topic on twitter that I started where I made jokes about everyone including myself, I talk about white people, black people, mexican people, puerto rican people……… list goes on and on!!!!! You all sound like idiots by giving something so small so much attention!!!!! I think you all for once again for the free MEDIA……….What is the world coming 2………..jeeeez losen up PEOPLE!!!

  2. posted by Kevin Hart

    Fri, February 19, 2010 3:19 PM

    Oooops I spelled my name wrong, oh and p.s My wife is darkskin along with my daughter…………..Wooow you guys really must feel dumb now!!!!!!!!!!! With that said gooood by and stop stalking my TWEETS, If you don’t follow me then you don’t understand my humor!!!!!!!

Now, if all of this doesn't sound like a big fat joke, Kevin takes it even further and tries to explain himself by doing an interview with WBLS NY.

WOW… What more can you say? It's okay to just LOL funny or not, because it really is all a joke.