Lil Kim Shows Off Her New Purple O-Face in Three Olives Vodka Ad

October 5, 2015

Lil Kim is on her job with Three Olives Vodka as the first-ever celebrity showmodel for the brand's “What’s Your O-Face?” ad campaign.

The Grammy award-winning rapper, songwriter and actress kicked off her Three-O Vodka endorsement with a photo shoot for the vodka’s 19th flavor, Purple. She will appear in the national ad campaign and in-store merchandising support.

“Since I’m Queen Bee and purple is the color of royalty, I’m thrilled Three Olives has asked me to bring my flavor to the sexy ‘O-Face’ campaign for their new Purple vodka!” said Kim.

Three-O Purple is a dynamic blend of imported English Vodka and the wildly juicy taste of frozen crushed grapes. The vodka itself will also take on a purple hue, reflecting the vibrant essence of the new flavor.

I agree with Kim, purple is a powerful color, and just the thought of a frozen crushed grape taste has me wanting to put my bartending skills to work on a new martini concoction.