Lisa Raye Wears Yellow and Speaks on Her New PZI Jean Collection

October 5, 2015

If you know anything about Lisa Raye, you know the only color she ever wears is white. So, to see her in yellow, or any other color is always something to talk about.

In a recent interview with Black Tree Media, Lisa talks about the new season of her show, “Lisa Raye, The Real McCoy,” and how far she has “grown” as a woman, being a single mother, and her new PZI Jean Collection.

“It’s my story. It’s my truth,” she says of the show. “It is my experience, in which I share with every woman out there that has gone through some things…. I say this: If you aint gone through some things, then you aint grown…. and that’s for real; grown like G R O W N, and ‘Grown Woman” status,” that’s what you aint.

Lisa Raye’s PZI Jean Collection, made for the woman with curves, will be sold online sometime this summer.