Designer Amy Newton Debuts Fro-Nationale Africana Collection

October 5, 2015

London based fashion designer Amy Newton is celebrating Afro style and culture with her newly launched Fro-Nationale Africana clothing collection. The idea behind the Fro-Nationale brand is to modernize traditional ethnic symbols for today’s woman of all race backgrounds.

The FW13 Africana collection is Newton’s very first collection. It includes a variety of print patterns overlaid onto garments in interesting ways designed to surprise and delight its owners. From the formal dress, to the firma pants, to the funky leather jacket, Fro-Nationale is made to embody a distinctive contemporary cut that flatters women of all sizes and shapes. The strategic placement of colors and patterns make these clothes uniquely distinguishable on the hanger and on the street. According to Newton, future collections will include dynamic prints influenced by other traditional cultures, including Indian, Asian, and more.
Go behind-the-scenes with Amy Newton, and get a closer look at the Fro-Nationale Africana collection in the video below.