MAC Viva Diva Eve Speaks on Life At the Age of 30

October 5, 2015

Eve attended the ‘Whip It’ premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday, September 14, 2009, rocking the latest in hairstyle trends, and looking quite well for an old woman 🙂

In the film, Eve plays the role of a roller derby chic, and she admits it’s taken its toll on her body. In an interview with Women’s Health Magazine, she says:

“I used a lot of Tiger Balm. I felt like an 80-year-old woman! But everybody does an evaluation when they turn 30, and I became a lot more body-conscious. I want to keep my booty in order. When you’re 23, you can lose five pounds in a week because your metabolism is fast.

I don’t want to do unhealthy things to lose weight fast for something like a photo shoot. I do want to feel amazing in my clothes, though.

Eve also revealed that her personal trainer encourages her to train even when she’s on tour. She added:

“Working with a trainer is intimate, as it is with a hairdresser. My trainer texts me when I’m away, asking how my training is going, but I’m horrible. It’s unfortunate, but I need adult supervision.”

However, Eve is in complete control of her diet and makes sure she avoids the more calorific alcoholic drinks. She added:

“I like vodka sodas, which most trainers say is the best thing to have if you’re going to drink, because one is only around 70 calories. I don’t do the mixed drink thing, but I’ll have wine. When I do, I try to cut out the dessert or skip the bread at dinner.”