Makeup For Women of Color

October 5, 2015

Makeup is a somewhat hard topic for me to discuss, simply because aside from my favorite lipgloss’, shines and sticks, I really don’t wear alot of it. However, when I do decide to glamour up I like to look natural. One problem I have with makeup is the appearance of an overdone face, which only brings the walking dead to my mind. And that my friends is not a pretty sight. Pretty scary. The sad thing is, for years I never knew why this was.

The main reason for an overdone face is wearing too much of the wrong color selection, and simply put, the reason for the wrong color selections for women of color is the fact that we don’t have too many of them to choose from.

Now, if your skin is anything like mines “very sensitive” another issue with makeup for women of color is quality. Quality definitely plays a big role in appearance. I’ve gone to many makeup counters where they only sell high quality cosmetic lines, and let’s just say hardly any of them, if any, had a shade that matched my complexion. The majority of the luxury cosmetic lines just don’t consider taking the time to develop appropriate shades for dark skin tones. It’s a pretty depressing feeling and I find it kinda hard to support a company like that even if their products are good in other categories.

What do we do in the case where no colors seem to match our complexion? Mix colors to find the right one? This again my friends is doing a little too much, which again results in way overdone.

Apparently I’m not the only one who has been frustrated about these issues. Here’s what Fabrice MAHABO, the founder of black|Up the 1st Parisian “Make Up Artist” brand created for all women: black, european, indian, latin, mixed race and oriental has to say: “How many of you have complained about the lack of products adapted to your particular complexion? “This powder is too red or too light. This foundation is greasy and leaves a visible line. it doesn’t give enough coverage. it’s too visible.” You want perfection, and you deserve it!”