Making Money on Twitter: Sponsored Tweets vs. MyLikes

October 5, 2015

(Making money on Twitter and sometimes Facebook)

I've been noting the difference between Sponsored Tweets and MyLikes for about more than a month now. Some of the things (both good and bad) that you should know are:

Sponsored Tweets
– records your earnings a lot faster than mylikes (big plus)
– approves your tweets BEFORE they go out leaving no question that you will receive credit for valid clicks (big plus)
– allows you to send out sponsored tweets more than once a day to twitter (big plus)
– $50 payout is pretty hard without sending out spam tweets (can be an issue)
– no sign-up bonus for referring other tweeters, you only get paid a % of their sponsored tweets when they send them out
– valid click count is questionable (same with both)
– valid clicks are primarily ones that come from within the US (same with both)

– a lot of fun with the mix of play and pay (good if you like to be more involved)
– must wait 48 hours before knowing if you will receive credit for tweets that are sent out
(they approve tweets AFTER they go out) – (can be an issue)
– valid click count is questionable (same with both)
– valid clicks are primarily ones that come from within the US (same with both)
– $2 minimum payout (big plus)
– payment every Friday (major plus)
– integrated with Facebook (big plus)
– only allowed to send one sponsored like per day to twitter

**Sign up bonuses for referrals to MyLikes range anywhere from .50 to $1000 depending on the number of followers your referral has. The rules are pretty straight forward and the most important are listed below:

Referrals must have min. 500 100 followers and send at-least one sponsored tweet (no credit after initial tweet)

*NOTE:  Your referrals should have a good follow ratio – the number of people they follow MUST be less than the number of people following them to receive any bonus.

These are just some of the differences that I have noted. As you can see, some are good and some not so encouraging.

One thing with MyLikes, even if there are not as many sponsors available at a given time, you can still make money by referring others to join you and use the service. The amount you can earn just by referring others can be quite substantial if you have a nice size following.

The key to making money with these things is to have a nice size following and understand how it works.

I just wanted to put this out there for people to make educated decisions, because I know many times people join you on these type of opportunities and the results are not so productive for either of you. I don't think it's because people don't want to make money, I truly believe it's because people don't clearly understand how it works and they just give up.

Join me Here on Sponsored Tweets, or Here on MyLikes… I would suggest try them both to see which one works best for you and your audience and the way you do business. But before you do, if you are currently following more people than you have following you GO HERE and unfollow your dead weight. Since you're trying to make a few bucks, there's no need to be carrying any dead weight. Besides sponsors look at your follow ratio's pretty close, and if it doesn't look good it could greatly effect the number of offers you receive.

If you need to add a few followers really quick try,, and/or You can thank me later 😉

One last thing, if you haven't done so already sign up with Your klout score is shown on your Sponsored Tweets profile page along with other valuable information that many sponsors rely on to determine your worth.

If you have questions about anything PLEASE ask me. I'm always willing to help and share the information that I know. Also if there's anything you would like to add to this list of facts, please do.

Make sure to Follow Me on Twitter (optional) and @ me if you do. As a team, these things do work 🙂