Man Drown: Budget Cuts and Policy Prevent Rescuers From Helping

October 5, 2015

While parents and other music video and television watchers made loud noise about Rihanna's 'Man Down,' in real life, city officials stood and literally just watched a sick man drown. In comparison, it seems as if people are complaining about the wrong things.

According to reports, police and firemen in Alameda, California let a man drown himself, because department policy did not allow them to 'protect and serve,' but instead 'stand and watch.”

The drowning victim, 53-year-old Raymond Zack, was apparently suicidal, according to a report from the scene. He waded out about 150 yards into cold waters off Crown Beach in Alameda and took about an hour to drown himself.

A crowd of about 75 gathered to watch the bizarre scene, which saw police and firemen just standing at shoreline watching helplessly. After the man had drowned, authorities couldn’t even go into the surf to retrieve the body. They instead recruited a passer-by for the job.