Man With 100 Pound Scrotum Seeks $1 Million in Donations for Surgery

October 5, 2015

Wesley Warren, Jr., 47, of Las Vegas, NV suffers from a rare medical condition that has his scrotum weighing 100 pounds, and hanging inches from the ground. “Hard to believe, isn't it?” said Warren to the Las Vegas Review Journal. “It's freakish.”

Warren recently appeared on the freak segment of the Howard Stern show to tell his story, in hopes of reaching out to people who are willing to donate for a corrective surgery, a surgery that physicians have told him can cost about $1 million.

“I don't like being a freak, who would?” Warren said. “But I figured that the Stern show is listened to by millions of people and they might want to help me. I hope some millionaire or billionaire will want to help me.”