Matching Eyeshadow Designs with Eye Shapes

October 5, 2015

Dividing the eye into different areas will help you to create and match different eye designs for each eye.

The illustration to the left identifies and names the parts of the eye. This will help you with color placement in re-creating a design yourself.

The biggest mistake women make is to make eyes look too dark toward the nose with eyeliner and shadow. This causes an aging effect. In the illustrations below our artist demonstrates six different eye shapes and eye shadow designs. Take note of the placement where light, medium and dark colors appear for each pattern.

Remember light colors make features expand and appear larger. Dark colors define, shape and shade the eye. And medium tones blend and graduate light and dark colors together or apart. All work together to enhance or change the eye's appearance and projection.

Experiment with different color palettes. Soft to dramatic effects are created by the intensity and textures of colors used.

For farsightedness lenses magnify and accentuate eye make-up. Keep the eye make-up subtle and clean. For nearsightedness, play up the eyes since lenses can make eyes appear smaller.

Can be brought closer together by shading close to the nose to draw the eyes closer together. Draw eyeliner close to the nose and into the tear duck area. The space between the eyebrows can be narrowed by growing in or drawing on brows closer together. Example: Claudia Schiffer, Julia Stiles
Can be made to look further apart by placing light shadow close to the nose and shade and liner at the outer edge of the eye to elongate. Tweeze brows further apart to open up this space. Example: Lucy Liu
To make round eyes look less round, extend shadow/liner at the outer edge of the eye to lengthen. Line the entire eye with the thickness being at the outer edge of the eye. Highlight under the eyebrows and the top of cheekbone by the eye to sharpen this effect. An arched brow shape increases the effect. Example: Star Jones, Oprah Winfrey


Also known as bedroom eyes, can be reversed with the use of concealer placed at a 45-degree angle on the outside edge of the eye. Keep liner thin and clean close to the nose and lifted at the outer corner with an upswept finish. Changing the angle at the outside edge of the eye with pencil and shadow “lifts” the eye, giving the eye a new tilt. Example: Kim Basinger, Chloe Sevigny
Use light, bright and reflective colors on the eyelid to pull it out. Highlight the brow. Use a deeper flesh tone on the brow bone to push back and stronger colors as accents at the outer and under edge of eyes. Top line should be thin and clean to give clarity. A softer toned brow compliments these eyes. Example: Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow


Shade the lid to push it back. A wide eye line by itself is fast and effective. Highlight under the brow. Curl and mascara top lashes only. Example: Oprah Winfrey