McDonalds Good Deeds Turns Almost Deadly During National Hiring Day

October 5, 2015

If you've ever worked in an environment where desperate people call or come looking for jobs, you would know that not everyone has the ethics required to even be considered a chance. An argument that got out of control outside a McDonald's outlet in Cleveland, OH during the chain's “National Hiring Day” is one example.

A physical fight between two girls that allegedly started over a boy outside the store at East 105th and St. Clair got out of control Tuesday. One of the women involved in the fight is shown jumping into her car, with another girl still attacking her; the car went forward, then reversed hitting at least three people. Among those three people was the restaurant's owner and a store manager.

The question here is: How do you get into a fight over a boy, when you're supposed to be focused on getting a job? McDonald's, which has 1.7 million employees worldwide, said Tuesday's “National Hiring Day” was the largest hiring effort in the company's history.

The chain was looking to fill 50,000 jobs across the US, offering positions from cashiers to managers and planning to have everyone hired, trained and ready to work in one week.

Unfortunately, at this location that might not happen. The eatery was closed and all further interviews were suspended after the incident, upsetting a few people who were waiting patiently for the chance to get a job.