Meet Bishop Eddie Long's Fifth Accuser, Centino Kemp – An Untold Story

October 5, 2015

Just when you thought all talks of the sex scandal and lawsuit between four young men and Bishop Eddie Long was over, a fifth accuser has been revealed. The FOX 5 I-Team has the exclusive story.

Senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell has crisscrossed the city of Atlanta searching for the mysterious fifth young man. One of the things learned is that Centino Kemp, sometimes called Centinio, is young — barely 22. He allegedly met Bishop Long years ago. He has Long's name tattooed on his wrist, and he is currently recording songs written from the perspective of an angry lover.

One source says Centino Kemp, who was raised in the Bahamas, met Long years ago during a visit to New Birth while he was a teenage student in a Florida college. The relationship meant enough for him to tattoo Eddie Long's name on his wrist, followed by the words, “Never a Mistake, Always a Lesson.”