Michelle Obama’s Kids Choice Fashion Outfit Embarasses The Less Curvy Crew

October 5, 2015

It’s true, Michelle Obama doesn’t dress like an ordinary First Lady of the President of The United States, but we already established that fact a long time ago. So, why are people still complaining that she looks really good?

“That is entirely too much FLOTUS crotch,” said fashion bloggers Tom + Lorenzo, in view of Mrs. O wearing a pair of form fitting jeans, which she paired with a high waist cut sequin top by designer Wes Gordon.

If you thought that was a joke, what’s even more insulting are the slew of other comments several readers on this site had. One in particular pointed out how much better the outfit looks on a size 2 model, than it does on Michelle Obama, because her hips are too wide.

“I think Michelle saw how nice that outfit looked on a slim model and figured it would look equally nice on her,” he said. “Her “self-esteem” enabled her to believe it did, though with her large hips she appears to be busting out of it. I honestly don’t think she realized how unattractive she looked, because no woman would intentionally look unattractive.”

What are your thoughts? Is Michelle Obama’s outfit unfit for a First Lady of the President of The United States, or is it pretty appropriate and fashionable for a woman in her 40’s at an event with a crowd full of fashionable teenagers?

  • John Jupiter

    she/it seems to be packing some Man Sausage in those tight jeans